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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dear Customers and Friends,


I set a goal to sell my store (Sunshine’s Brighter Natural Foods) on my 70th birthday, it’s been over two years later and I have not located a potential buyer. After twenty two years I have decided to retire for the last time, (Timken & National Guard) I have many things on my bucket list.


As of June 1st I will offer all products in my store at 50% off retail, after two weeks I will box lot groups of product for a set price. Everything will go, Shelves, Freezer, Cooler, computers and desk, POS system. These items will be sold as the store becomes empty. I will have set hours of 10:00am till 2:00pm Monday thru Friday starting June 1st. Saturday by appointment only. My lease will be up on July 1st. Cash or check. A 5% surcharge will be imposed on all Credit Card purchases. All sales are final no returns of any kind. I have taken great pride in cleanliness and neatness, only the best products for the best people, You, I put your health above monies or sub standard products.


My goal was to always try to remember your name and condition. Over 600 customers in my computer. After 40 years in the natural health business and over 22 years in the retail setting, I find this a very hard decision to make, not only physical, but emotionally. All I can say is Thank You.


Next question, how can I get my Natures Sunshine Products?? Very easy,

  1. Call NSP at 1-800-453-1422 and inform the sales person that you want to become a member under Fred DeGordon account #1185243. Order $40.00 in cost products and buy them at the same cost I do. If you order your products before noon you will have them the next day. (Warehouse in Columbus, OH) This membership is good for a year. (Credit Card only) So simple even I can do it.
  2. Go to NSP web site and add my name as manager(1185243) and place your order, new members must be buy over $40.00 in products. Make sure to get a new price sheet. As before order before noon and receive the next day. (Credit Card only)
  3. Visit my Nature's Sunshine Page or follow the "Shop Online" link to the left. (Credit Card only) I will still get credit for the sale. My website can guide you through easy ordering and signup. This is a direct link to NSP. Also under products is a complete list of all NSP products and there uses.

I will retain my email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for any business related questions.


I am thankful of the many friends and special people that Sunshine’s Brighter has brought into my life, The mutual respect and sharing is what I made my business rule. It’s been a blessing to help you with everything from Poison ivy to warts and almost everything else. You, my friends have given me the feeling of fulfillment. It’s been my dream come true to be able to help you find your way to better health.


1. Clean the body 2. Digest your food 3. Change your attitude, the keys to better health.


Every night before bed I ask God for guidance to have the knowledge to be able to assist the next friend.


Thanks for the memories,

Fred DeGordon